Hi, I’m Brendan Denning and I’m “The Captain Coach”

I’ve been a coach & business owner for over 30 years & also a business coach since 2016.
Sports-coaching wise I’ve coached a variety of sports, primarily field hockey, cricket, football (soccer) and tennis. Athletes and teams from grassroots/ community level through to elite (Olympic athletes) levels.
I’m a former CEO/ GM and current Owner/ Director with broad national and international experience and a track record of sales growth with experience in a diverse range of consumer product sectors and manufacturing businesses.
I’ve a unique skills combination of marketing/sales focus and sporting organisation/team background. I’ve comprehensive experience in elite sports coaching, business development, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, operations, finance and organisational change management in both commercial and not for profit organisations.
When I became a business owner for the first time, I thought I was ready for the challenge. I had masters degree qualifications (Business/ Sport Management), senior organisation management experience and a range of technical skills relevant to the business purpose. As it turned out, I wasn’t ready at all!
For business owners, CEOs, founders, and executives, it gets lonely at the top. Without a mentor and accountability partner, many business leaders find themselves hitting the ceiling of what they can achieve. Leaders help develop teams, and business coaches help develop leaders.

Coaches aren’t just for athletes.

As a Business Coach, I work with a diverse range of business owners across many industries (some are listed below), although I have a particular expertise in sport-related businesses such as sporting goods manufacturing, apparel, sports retail, sports technology, sports medicine and allied health, fitness/ gym/ personal training, private coaching academies and .
If you’re not a ‘sports industry’ business that’s OK, as long as you’re a fan of sport, can appreciate the concept of coaching, and the parallel learnings across sporting performance and business ownership.
The concept of working ‘on’ the business as opposed to working ‘in’ the business often sees owners fast track their goals and enjoy the opportunities business ownership provides.
Former Clients

Client Feedback

    Jan Meinsma

    Petstra Gardens/ Landscaping

    “It’s a proven fact that sports & business have a lot in common so when I found out that Brendan with whom I coached a junior soccer team was also a business coach, I knew I had found the right guy for the challenges I was facing with my business. The business was doing OK but it had started to run me instead of me running it! Within 6 months we were back on the right track with a strong forward focus on team management, cashflow, profitability & an improved focus on the type of client that has a strong appreciation for the type of work we really are good at. Brendan is what a coach should be: an agitator, a motivator, a source of knowledge & business intellect… I’ve been really pleased with his involvement; as a result our business has become our passion again!

      Anthony Warner

      Primary Edge Promotions

      "When I first started working with Brendan, I insisted we meet at 0630 in the morning as that's the only time I had available. Within a very short period of time I'm now preparing to take my family on a 3 month round-Australia trip, confident that my business will continue to grow - without me there. My team, our systems and our profitability has all improved immensely".

        Anthony Hall

        Hark Media

        "Since starting to work with Brendan in 2017 I'm more focused on seeking (the right) opportunities rather than waiting for them. My business in on track to double revenue this year, and importantly for me this hasn't meant any less time spent with my wife and son as I've been able to steadily grow my team".